Turn Your YouTube Videos into Blog Posts in 3 Simple Steps!

Mar 27, 2021 Alana Jen

Turn your youtube videos into blog posts in 3 simple steps


You can easily turn your YouTube videos into blog posts in 3 simple steps. It doesn't require much more additional effort, but the payoff could be huge.

The more content you have on your blog, the more traffic you stand to gain. And the more traffic you gain on your blog, the more views you can get for your videos (with proper embedding). It's really a win-win!

How can your YouTube channel help your website?

Let's face it, having a YouTube channel is hard. And if you're trying to run a website at the same time, you could get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

The result? One of them inevitably suffers.

But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way?

If you're reading this post, I can safely guess that you're not the passive type. You're not the one who sits idly by and waits for success to happen to them.


You do everything you can to ensure your success.

This means that for your YouTube channel:

And guess what? All of the work that you put into your YouTube channel translates to your website (YouTube is owned by Google after all).

So, the planning you do to keep your viewers engaged? Transfers to your website.

The painstakingly selected topic that'll get your viewer a quick win + offer insight + invaluable information? Transfers to your website.

The keyword research and video optimization work you put in for each video? You guessed it! Transfers to your website with a vengeance!

So what does that mean?

Since all of the hard work you put into your YouTube channel transfers to your website, you don't have to do much more to have highly valuable content on your website–content that will generate organic search traffic.

And organic search traffic is what you're after.

Consider this:

Google's search engine has over 92% of the market share and YouTube (owned by Google) is (unofficially) the 2nd biggest search engine in the world... if you can leverage them both for the good of your business by spending the majority of your efforts on one (YouTube), then you absolutely win.

So how does your blog benefit your YouTube channel?

While YouTube has 2+ billion1 active users per month, the internet, in general, has 4.6 billion2 users.

And while your target viewer might be searching for the answer to their problem on YouTube, they are most likely searching for their answers on Google.

Combine that with the fact that there are many effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website, it's significantly easier to drive traffic and visitors to your website than it is to drive viewers to your channel, especially when your channel is new.

Plus, your website is the hub of your business–its Homebase.

You should be promoting your website over your channel, even for the simple fact that you own your website.

With that said, just because you're not directly promoting your channel, doesn't mean your channel isn't benefiting.

Video keeps people on webpages 60% longer than webpages that only have text and photos.3

This is what the cycle looks like:

  1. You put in all kinds of work, research, time, passion, and energy into your next video.
  2. You publish it and promote it like you usually would.
  3. You turn your YouTube video into a blog post (super easily and super quickly...you'll see in just a bit)
  4. Because the content itself is already optimized, Google’s search engine indexes it and you get a chance to rank when someone searches for your keyword.
  5. That someone clicks through to your website and sees your embedded YouTube video.
  6. It's easy enough to watch, so they do.
  7. You grab another view for your video and possibly a subscriber (if they end up loving your stuff), and you give them a chance to subscribe right there on your webpage.
  8. Those extra views and subscribers help to boost your channel, improving its chance to get picked up by YouTube AND
  9. Because they most likely watched without leaving your site, your bounce rate reduces and your website gains more favor with Google and you rank higher
  10. The process starts over at step 1 with compounding results!

How do you turn your YouTube videos into blog posts?

Step One:

Log into YouTube Studio and on the left-hand side, select "subtitles". Then, click the video you wish to turn into a post.

Step Two:

Click "Duplicate and Edit" on the auto-generated subtitles for the video.

Step Three:

If you see timestamps in the window that opens, click the "Edit as Text" link above the first timestamp. To fill two needs with one deed, you could go ahead and clean up your subtitles for your video. Once you're done, select all of your text and drop it onto your webpage like you would any other text (if you write your HTML by hand, you could use a tool like wordtohtml.com to save yourself a lot of time formatting).

And that's it, you're done!


If you have a YouTube channel and aren't repurposing your channel content into blog posts for increased traffic to your website and increased views for your channel, you're missing out.

Fortunately, it's super easy to turn your YouTube videos into blog posts using the subtitles automatically generated by YouTube and it shouldn't take that much more additional effort to turn the subtitle text into content for your blog (don't forget to embed the video to potentially capture more views).

And if you're looking for a great host for your great new blog, check out the Best Web Hosting for 2021.


Until next time...


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