Create a Website in 2021

We'll be expanding on this guide soon, but you can still get a general idea of what it takes to create a successful website for your business.

Step One:

Determine the type of website that would be best for your business with The Best Website Types for Entrepreneurs.

Step Two:

Once you've figured out the type of website you want, you'll need to decide who will host it for you.

Future content will cover this topic extensively but for now, check out The Best Web Hosts 2021.

Usually, most hosting plans will include a free domain, so you may want to wait until you select a host before buying your domain outright.

Step Three:

Build or design your site.

The type of site you've chosen, as well as who is hosting your website and the services they offer, will dictate how you build your website.

In general, your options are to use your host's builder (the easiest option), an all-in-one solution like Kajabi (a little bit more involved), a content management system like WordPress (much more involved), or a website template (very much involved—to see the kind of skill and effort that would be required, check out You Need a Website).

Some Final Thoughts...

Once your site is live, you're only at the start of your journey. While websites take constant time, energy, and resources, with a well-defined purpose and strategy, they can give back exponentially.

Content around that is coming in the future, but for now, you can check out all related articles.